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Eggners Ferry Bridge Collapse

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Editor's Note: On January 26, 2012, the Delta Mariner struck Span E of the Eggners Ferry Bridge, collapsing the span.  Remarkably, no one was killed or injured.  We were there with live video streams covering the bridge after it collapsed.  Over the next five months, we provided updates on the damage.  We informed of solutions to replace the span and ultimately followed the progress until the bridge was reopened in May 2012.  Below is an account of what happened that evening.  You can view the archives of the updates below.

Posted January 27, 2012

A 322-foot span of the Eggners Ferry Bridge at Aurora has collapsed after a large cargo ship hit it Thursday evening. According to Keith Todd, spokesman for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District 1, "Span E" collapsed with it laying crumpled in front of the vessel. Miraculously, no one was injured and no cars were found to have fallen off the bridge. The bridge is 80 years old and carries US68/KY80. It is not known at this time when or if repairs will be made. The bridge is scheduled to be replaced by a modern four-lane structure in the next few years.

View the original web page archives of this event.  Pages are in old code format and may not display correctly, but you can at least see the photos and read the updates.

Photo by Jennifer Dunnaway

This shy little turtle visited our campsite recently in Land Between The Lakes. There are several different species of turtles that can be seen near Kentucky Lake.