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Eggners Ferry Bridge Collapse

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Eggners Ferry Bridge Photo Update

Photos and informaton courtesy Keith Todd, KYTC District 1 - May 2, 2012

Hall Contracting of Kentucky continues to make progress on construction of a new span for the US 68/KY 80 Eggners Ferry Bridge at Aurora. 
Today, a crew placed two new concrete pedestals on the pier cap at the Trigg County end of the bridge.  The crew plans to pour concrete for two additional pedestals on the pier cap at the Marshall County end of the bridge on Thursday morning.
The pedestals are to allow the new 322 ft. steel truss to be place on the piers to match the elevation of the rest of the existing truss.  This will allow the deck on the new truss section now under construction to match up with the existing deck.
Meanwhile, progress continues on the assembly of structural steel for the new span at the Eddyville Riverport in Lyon County.
Steel workers have assembled the flooring frame of the new truss section, and assembled many of the  vertical elements of the truss.  The contractor is awaiting arrival of structural steel for the upper portion of the truss structure.
After assembly of steel for the new truss span is complete, it will be lifted onto a barge to be transported to the Eggners Ferry Bridge site and placed on the existing piers.


Kentucky Lake Sunset
Photo by Shawn Dunnaway

Sunsets at Kentucky Lake are special. You can find them on the eastern banks of Kentucky Lake looking west across a mile of ripples and waves. There's nothing quite like experiencing a sunset on Kentucky Lake.