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Eggners Ferry Bridge Collapse

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Eggners Ferry Bridge Assembly Update

Information and photos courtesy Keith Todd, KYTC District 1

Hall Contracting of Kentucky continues to make progress on construction of a new span for the US 68/KY 80 Eggners Ferry Bridge at Aurora.  Structural steel for the new span is being assembled at the Lyon County Riverport at Eddyville.
Over the weekend, steelworkers assembled the flooring frame of the new truss section, and partially assembled the deck support structure.  They were also able to place a lone element of the upper truss.  This morning the crew was continuing to place and assemble steel flooring supports for the 322 ft. replacement span.  Once steel beams were temporarily bolted into place, workers were going back to complete the bolting process to permanently attached the floor beams to the other structural elements.
After assembly of steel for the new truss span is complete, it will be lifted onto a barge to be transported to the Eggners Ferry Bridge site and placed on the existing piers.
The US 68/KY 80 Eggners Ferry Bridge has been closed since the evening of January 26th when the 8200 ton cargo ship Delta Mariner slammed into the bridge and knocked a 322 ft. span into Kentucky Lake.
Hall Contracting has a $7 million contract to replace the missing span and reopen the bridge by Memorial Day weekend.  The goal is to restore the critical transportation link at the western entrance to the Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area in time for the summer tourism season in Kentucky s Western Lakes Region.
The company hopes to have the new span assembled and ready to transport to the bridge site by sometime next week.  Once the replacement span is placed on the existing piers, the company will pour a concrete deck on the structure.  The concrete will then have to cure several days before traffic can be fully restored.
Hall Contracting faces a $50,000 penalty for each day the company goes beyond the May 27th deadline for restoring traffic on the bridge.  The Eggners Ferry Bridge normally carries about 2,600 vehicles across Kentucky Lake each day at the Marshall-Trigg County Line between Aurora and Cadiz.
The Eggners Ferry Bridge was opened to traffic in 1931.  It was raised in 1946 when Kentucky Lane was impounded.  Efforts to construct a new bridge at the Eggners Ferry site and a new bridge over Lake Barkley at Canton are now in pre-design phase. 

Photo by Ray Stainfield

No camping excursion is complete with a serenade from the resident bullfrog. There are a vast variety of amphibians to be found throughout the Land Between The Lakes Area.