Kentucky Lake, Lake Barkley Conditions

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Kentucky Lake, Lake Barkley Levels & Water Conditions

Water Temps
Kentucky Lake¹ 84 °
Kentucky Dam 82 °
Barkley Dam 82 °
Normal Temp² 86 °
¹ Reported at Murray State's Hancock Biological Station near Eggner's Ferry Bridge

² Based on archived fishing reports and normal air temperatures.  Click here for a chart of normal water temps.

Explanation of Values

= Fluctuating.  Fluctuating is defined here by lake levels rising and falling by at least one tenth of a foot during the past eight hours.

S = Steady.  Steady is defined here by lake levels remaining steady or fluctuating by less than one tenth of a foot during the past eight hours.

= Rising.  Rising is defined here by the lake levels increasing consistently during the past eight hours.

= Falling.  Falling is defined here by the lake levels decreasing consistently during the past eight hours.

cfs = cubic feet per second, which is the amount of water that is discharged through the dams.  Day 1 Forecasts are for today, Day 2 tomorrow, and so on.

About Lake Elevations

Lake elevation is based on sea-level.  Strength of current is based on the discharge rate at the dams.  Kentucky Lake is much larger than Lake Barkley, so 100,000 cfs at Barkley Dam produces stronger current than 100,000 cfs at Kentucky Dam.  Use this unofficial chart to compare current strengths.

Elevations are provided by TVA.  Current forecasts are provided by the Lower Mississippi River Forecast Center.
Kentucky Lake/Barkley Lake Upper Elevation
Kentucky Lake Lake Barkley
Upper Stage > 357.1 ' 357.4 '
24-Hour Change > 0.1 ' 0.1 '
Normal Stage > 356.7 ' 356.7 '
Norm Departure > +0.4 ' +0.7 '
8/22 Forecast > 357.3 ' N/A
8/23 Forecast > 357.3 ' N/A
Kentucky Lake/Barkley Lake Lower Elevation
Kentucky Lake Lake Barkley
Lower Stage > 303.1 ' 304.6 '
24-Hour Change > 1.0 ' 0.0 '
Normal Stage > 302.0' 302.0'
Norm Departure > +1.1 ' +2.6 '
Information last updated at 8 pm 8/21/2014 .
All times Central.
Kentucky/Barkley Extremes
Kentucky Lake Lake Barkley
 Record High > 372.49'
Record Low > 348.02'
Record cfs > N/A 303,000 5/4/2010
Lower Rec. High > N/A 350.8'
Special Lake Information & Notices
Water temps are forecast to rise near normal levels as a ridge of high pressure builds over our area, bringing air temperatures in the upper 90s through the weekend.
Water Conditions & Current
Kentucky Lake Lake Barkley
Clarity > Generally Clear Normal
Strength > Average Low
Hourly cfs > 45,496 15,100
Day 1 Forecast > 56,000 17,000
Day 2 Forecast > 50,000 15,000
Day 3 Forecast > 50,000 15,000
Day 4 Forecast > 45,000 15,000
Day 5 Forecast > 45,000 15,000
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Kentucky Lake, Lake Barkley, and Land Between The Lakes offer a unique vacation experience for everyone! Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley collectively is the largest body of water between the Great Lakes and the Gulf of Mexico. Here you can enjoy fishing, boating, hunting, eating at great restaurants, and experiencing the numerous attractions of the Land Between The Lakes. The region is located just eight hours from Chicago, three hours from St. Louis and six hours west of the Smoky Mountains.