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New Eggners Ferry Bridge Opens for Two-way Traffic Today

Officials opened a portion of Eggners Ferry Bridge this afternoon at about 4:20 p.m.  The two future west bound lanes are currently being used for two-way traffic while the future east bound lanes and pedestrian walkway are still being constructed.

Moving traffic from the old bridge to the new bridge will allow the contractors to demolish the old Eggners Ferry Bridge.  The US Coast Guard wants to old bridge's two center spans and pilings removed as soon as possible so river traffic can pass through with ease.

Watch our Old Eggners Ferry Bridge video tribute below:

Editor's Note:  You can see real-time updates from the Eggners Ferry Live Camera.

Good Morning
Photo by Nancy Smith

Campers at Land Between The Lakes are often greeted by morning fog rising off of the water and a gorgeous view.