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Kentucky Lakes Area Profile

The Kentucky Lakes Area is made up of Kentucky Lake from Kentucky Dam to Interstate 40, all of Lake Barkley, and Land Between The Lakes. There are ten counties in the area, five each in Kentucky and Tennessee. Those are Livingston, Lyon, Trigg, Marshall and Calloway counties in Kentucky. In Tennessee, the area includes Henry, Stewart, Benton, Houston and Humphreys counties.

Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley are two twin artificial lakes that are very similar in nature.  Kentucky Lake was born in the early 1940s when Kentucky Dam was built at Gilbertsville, Kentucky along the Tennessee River.  Lake Barkley was created in the early 1960s when Barkley Dam was built near Grand Rivers, Kentucky, just two miles east of Kentucky Dam.  A canal was constructed in the 1960s which connected the two lakes.

After the creation of both lakes and the canal, a large peninsula sprung up eight miles in width and nearly 40 miles in length.  This area, formerly known at "Between The Rivers", was acquired by TVA throughout the late 1960s.  Land Between The Lakes was born in 1969 when Rushing Creek Campground was opened.

The heart of Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley is located in a rural but very accessible area approximately 100 miles northwest of Nashville, Tenn., or about 200 miles south of St. Louis, Mo. 

Folks from Nashville can reach the southern part of Kentucky Lake via I-40 in just over an hour.

Kentucky Lake is 184 miles long, while Barkley is a little smaller in width and length. The elevation of the lakes range from 354' to 359', and the general elevation of the area ranges from 320' to 860'.

Local Population

Southern hospitality reigns throughout our region. You'll find many small towns dotted across the ten-county region of the Kentucky Lakes Area with only two towns, Murray, Ky. and Paris, Tenn., with populations exceeding 10,000.

City 2018 Est. 2010 Census County
Murray, KY 19,348 17,741 Calloway
Paris, TN 10,057 10,156 Henry
Benton, KY 4,469 4,349 Marshall
Waverly, TN 4,080 4,105 Humphreys
Camden, TN 3,575 3,582 Benton
Cadiz, KY 2,665 2,558 Trigg
Eddyville, KY 2,528 2,554 Lyon
Calvert City, KY 2,502 2,566 Marshall
New Johnsonville, TN 1,905 1,905 Humphreys
Dover, TN 1,480 1,417 Stewart
Tennessee Ridge, TN 1,329 1,368 Houston
Erin, TN 1,292 1,324 Houston
Puryear, TN 667 671 Henry
Kuttawa, KY 667 649 Lyon
Hardin, KY 610 615 Marshall
Big Sandy, TN 524 551 Benton
Henry, TN 465 464 Henry
Hazel, KY 407 410 Calloway
Grand Rivers, KY 371 382 Livingston
Cumberland City, TN 308 311 Stewart
Cottage Grove, TN 86 88 Henry

County 2018 Est. 2010 Census Principle City
Calloway (KY) 39,135 37,191 Murray
Henry (TN) 32,358 32,330 Paris
Marshall (KY) 31,191 31,148 Benton
Lyon (KY) 8,009 8,314 Eddyville
Trigg (KY) 14,643 14,339 Cadiz
Stewart (TN) 13,561 13,324 Dover
Livingston (KY) 9,242 9,519 Grand Rivers
Houston (TN) 8,263 8,426 Erin
Benton (TN) 16,184 16,489 Camden
Humphreys (TN) 18,486 18,538 Waverly

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