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Scott Patton's Fishing Report

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Scott Patton
Scott Patton
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Scott Patton's Fishing Report

For October 30, 2018

Report for Kentucky Lake from Blood River to New Johnsonville

It has been a good top water bite on Kentucky Lake. I’ve caught them on a Lucky Craft Sammy and a Gun Fish 115 in shad patterns. I have seen a lot of shad shallow and the bass have been right there with them. They have been in the back of some pockets and on rocky bars! Seems like when you find them there has been a school of them.

I have also caught them on a ZOOM’s 5-inch Swimmer, Swim bait and a Rattlin Bait, like the LV500. Seems like some days they just won't chase the top water. So, I have to catch them on other baits.

One main thing is not to be afraid to fish super shallow. A lot of my fish have been in a foot of water, especially if its stained.

I like to keep a flipping bait handy too. A lot of times when the water is at winter pool like it is now I will see a piece of wood or a stump and I can flip my ZOOM’s Z Craw in there and catch that extra fish.

I will use a 3/8 Pro Tungsten weight and I always soak my plastics in Craw Cane to keep them from quickly dropping the bait. A lot of times in the middle of the day you will catch a really big fish by doing this.

Contact me at Scottpattonfishing.com 731-227-9499 .

My sponsors are Phoenix Boats, ACS Marine, Pro Tungsten, Mercury, ZOOM, Lucky Craft, Kentucky Battery Outlet, Lowrance, Craw Cane, Heritage Fence, Power Pole, Seaguar, Lews, Gill, TH Marine, Costa Sunglasses

Scott Patton (731) 227-9499

Fishing at Sunset
Photo by Sherry Bailey

So many childhood memories have been made on the banks of Kentucky and Barkley Lakes. These boys are determined to fish until the sun goes down.