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Kentucky Lake, Lake Barkley Fishing
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Scott Patton's Fishing Report

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Scott Patton
Scott Patton
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Scott Patton's Fishing Report

For October 20, 2016

Report for Kentucky Lake from Blood River to New Johnsonville

Fishing on Kentucky Lake has been steady. Looks like we’re about to finally get some Fall temperatures, and that’s what we need to cool this water temperature down. I have still been catching my fish on top water; I’m staying closer to the main lake flats. Seems like there just more gizzard shad in this area of the lake and that’s been drawing bigger fish to these areas.

I always try to find the gizzard shad anytime when I’m fishing Kentucky lake, it’s the desired food source of our larger fish. Rocky main lake flats or bars have been my pattern. The bigger rock will have more algae growing on it and that draws the gizzard shad in these areas.

The key is to find the rock in 1 to 3 feet of water with 5 to 10 feet of water nearby. This is a typical fall pattern on just about any lake in the country. I depend on my Lowrance HDS Gen 3 and Navionics mapping to keep me on these contour breaks. I’m fishing the break itself and up on the flats. It’s very critical to fish the break itself. The bass are using it to sit and ambush the bait.

I really think out best Fall fishing will be in November, I’ve always caught them good in November, the bass start getting in tighter schools and they will be schooling. So make sure you book your Fall trip soon.
My lure selection for this time of year is top water that includes Zara Spooks, Lucky Crafts Gun Fish and a Buzz bait. I will fish the top water on a 6ft 10 Lews rod and reel spooled with 40lb Seaguar braid.

I will also have a ZOOM 5 inch Swimmer in AYU or Shad rigged with Pro Line Twist lock or insert head in ¼ or 3/8.  I fish the ZOOm swim bait on a 7ft Lews rod and a reel spooled with 15-20 lb test Seaguar AbrazX fluorocarbon.

A chatterbait is something I keep tied on also in the fall, 3/8 shad or a green pumpkin with a ZOOM Fluke as a trailer. Then I like keeping a 3/8 Pro line jig or a ZOOM baby brush hog tied on with a ¼ Pro Tungsten to pitch around any isolated wood or docks.

Visit My Websites for more info

I will be guiding on Lake Okeechobee from Dec 1 till March 1 so make sure to book your Florida trip with me, Wild shiners or artificial.

Be Safe wear a life jacket and kill switch!
Be respectful on the water to other Anglers!

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Scott Patton
(731) 227-9499

White Egret
Photo by Melodie Cunningham

Commonly mistaken for a heron, egrets can commonly be seen wading in shallow water near the lakes edge.