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Scott Patton's Fishing Report

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Scott Patton
Scott Patton
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Scott Patton's Fishing Report

For February 2, 2017

Report for Kentucky Lake from Blood River to New Johnsonville

February can be a great month to catch some really big fish! I will look for fish on main lake and in the mouths of the creeks and bays. The best areas on the main lake will be where the main river channels swing closer to a deeper area of the lake. Not the same type of ledges that I focus on during the summer. I will also look for the same type of areas at the mouths of the creeks.

Most of the time, I will fish two or three different type of baits this time year.  My favorite is a Lucky Craft jerkbait! I like the Pointer 100 and the Flash Pointer 100 and 115. I like natural colors with jerkbaits for largemouth and one reason is I will look for clean water this time of year. Crystal pro blue, Ghost Minnow, AG Wakasagi and Ghost Threadfin shad are a few of my favorite colors on Kentucky Lake!

I  will fish the jerkbait on a 6ft 8 Lews rod and the reason I like the shorter rod is that I can jerk the rod tip downward instead of to the side. This is a lot less stress on your forearm. If you haven’t tried this I urge you to it really helps in fishing this bait all day!

I will fish a jerkbait at different paces this time of year, but my favorite is what I call dead sticking! I will cast out the jerkbait and then rip the rod down with two quick jerks but I don’t want an extremely fast jerking action. I like to slow it down just a bit in really cold water, and then I will pause the bait, and let the bait sit motionless for 10 to 15 seconds before moving the bait! This is what I call deadsticking! Big sluggish bass can’t stand this!

My second choice is an, A rig of course. I make my own A rigs, and will use ZOOMs Super swimming fluke in shad patterns with a 1/8 ounce Elite pro swim bait head.

My third is a swim bait itself! I will use ZOOMs 5” Swimmer with a 1/4, 3/8 or 1/2 ounce Elite pro swim bait head. One key with the swim bait is that I’ve learned that sometimes the bass are to sluggish to chase the A rig, because it’s a heavy rig and you can only fish it so slow. That’s why I will catch some giant bass with just a single swim bait. I can use a lighter head and fish it a lot slower! 
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Be Safe wear a life jacket and kill switch!
Be respectful on the water to other Anglers!
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Scott Patton
(731) 227-9499

Down the River
Photo by Melodie Cunningham

This father-son team has found adventure out on the water at Kentucky Lake! There are so many places to explore in LBL that can't be accessed by land!