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Scott Patton's Fishing Report

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Scott Patton
Scott Patton
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Scott Patton's Fishing Report

For September 17, 2018

Report for Kentucky Lake from Blood River to New Johnsonville

The fishing on Kentucky lake is starting to pick up, of course the best bite has been early. Were still having summer like weather and we need some fall cool fronts to move in to drop water temps and start the migration of the shad.

Yes, we actually had a good shad spawn this spring and am looking for a shad migration towards the creeks and shallows this year. The shad population was almost wiped out of Kentucky Lake and I really saw the shad disappear when the lake was sprayed four and a half years ago to get rid of our fantastic hydrilla - which is so vital to any fishery to stay healthy.

I really feel the shad are repopulating themselves, which is something that we need!  I've had a good year catching bass on Kentucky Lake. I've just had to rethink on how to fish a lake that the main forage is bluegill, crawfish and other small creatures that the bass can feed on.

The top water bite has been key in the mornings, I’m fishing walking baits like Lucky Crafts Gun Fish, Sammy’s and others. I also will keep a buzz bait and Whopper plopper handy, a lot of times you have to see what the bass will react on.

Sometimes a certain lure's sound will trigger the strike, so experiment. I’m fishing my top water on Seaguar Braid and a Lews 6’ 10 Custom Lite rod, this rod is perfect for walking baits like the Gun Fish.  It is shorter so I can keep my rod tip down and I can get that walking action going the way I need in order to get a reaction strike from the bass. This rod is also the one I use when working jekbaits and fishing docks.

I’ve also caught some fish on vibrating baits on points inside the creeks, and on a ZOOM Mag Trick worm (green Pumpkin) with a 1/2 ounce Pro Tungsten weight fishing main lake channel banks in the 6 to 10-foot depths. Look for bait fish - that’s one thing I do constantly.  When looking for the right area I watch my structure scan constantly on my Lowrance units. This is so important when looking for new areas.

Contact me at Scottpattonfishing.com or call 731-227-9499.

I guide full time on Kentucky Lake, Pick Wick and Lake Okeechobee, along with fishing the BASS Master Opens.

My sponsors are Phoenix Boats, ASC Marine, Pro Tungsten, Mercury, ZOOM, Lucky Craft, Kentucky Battery Outlet, Lowrance, Craw Cane, Heritage Fence, Power Pole, Seaguar, Lews, Gill, TH Marine, Costa Sunglasses

Scott Patton (731) 227-9499

Photo by Melodie Cunningham

When exploring the Elk and Bison Prairie in The Land Between The Lakes, it's always exciting to catch a glimpse of a bull like this one!