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Archived Fishing Report

Kentucky Lake's Bass, Crappie and Bluegill Action Good

Written by Steve McCadams | Originally published 05/30/2014

From the Kentucky Lake fishing scene this week comes pretty good news as it appears last weekend’s Memorial holiday period was a safe one around the Paris Landing area for both anglers and recreational boaters.
Henry County TWRA wildlife officer Clay Riley tells me no serious boating accidents occurred with only a few minor fender benders reported. When you consider the popularity of the Paris Landing area during the summer season kickoff for tons of fishermen, recreational boaters, campers and various lake users there’s a tip of the hat due to both TWRA boating safety officers and you the public.
No Boating Under the Influence cases and no serious boating accidents is a testament to improved safety here in our area’s waterways as it was indeed crowded out there last weekend.
Lake levels going into the weekend will be stable and resting pretty much at normal summer pool elevation of 359 at Kentucky Dam. Projections upstream for the New Johnsonville area show readings of 358.7, which is similar to last week.
Surface temperatures climbed to the 77 to 79 degree range this week. Water color is clear across most of the reservoir.
Anglers are landing some good stringers of bass from both shallow water patterns and deep, main lake ledges. Some of the heavier tournament stringers are coming from drop-offs and humps where anglers are tossing big deep diving crankbaits, swim baits, jig and craw combos, Carolina and Alabama rigs.
Not much current has been present this week, a scenario that can work against ledge fishermen at times and also slows the bite for catfishermen working the main channel.
Not all the bass have moved off shore as some decent stringers are still being caught from visible grassbeds and buck bushes by anglers casting Texas rigged worms, crawfish imitations, and lizards. Also popular have been gold willow-leaf spinnerbaits and some topwater jerk baits such as floating flukes style worms.
With two major tournaments in progress---The Triton Boat Owners and FLW Series---bass will see a lot of lures come their way this weekend!
Crappie showed improvement this week with a few more fish relating to midrange structure in the 10 to 14 foot depth range. More fish were moving toward stakebeds and brushpiles back in bays with vertical presentations of jigs and jigs tipped with Berkley crappie nibbles paying the most dividends.
Hefty catches of bluegill are still coming in too. The big bull bream are still bedding in places and guarding their territory, which makes for fine fishing. They will really tag a cricket, redworm, or larva type bait if it enters their comfort zone.
Although several females have moved up into prime bedding areas and dropped their eggs, culling a few fish is part of it as there are enough adult fish still spawning to appeal to anglers. A few scattered shellcracker are showing up but overall numbers have been low.
Catfish continue to prowl some shallow areas as I tied into several hefty ones this week while bluegill fishing. Not much current was present this week in the main channel area so anglers working the piers at Paris Landing bridge and elsewhere along the channel haven’t fared well. Some cats are still relating to rip-rap rock areas for some late spawning.
Summer patterns are drawing closer as warm weather makes its presence known and surface temps rise. It has been a decent week for anglers overall.

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Photo by Melodie Cunningham

These geese float gracefully on a warm autumn day. Honker Lake was actually named for the number of Giant and Interior Canadian geese it attracts.