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Archived Fishing Report

Anglers and Weathermen on Good Terms

Written by Steve McCadams | Originally published 11/29/2012

Kentucky Lake anglers must be living right. No doubt fishermen are on good terms lately with meteorologists.
It’s another week of relatively mild weather for late fall fishermen here in the Kentucky Lake area as the weatherman is forecasting temperatures in the low to middle 60’s for the approaching weekend.
Conditions have been stable the last week with some cool frosty mornings melting away to mild afternoons and light winds. There was a day or two of chilly weather but overall, rains dodged the area on Monday and south winds have resumed their fall flow of nice, stable weather.
Lake levels have been changing very little this week as TVA has pretty much held on to a very slow drawdown. Elevation at midweek for Kentucky Dam was 355.4, which is down only a few inches from last week at this time. Upstream at New Johnsonville lake levels are projected to be in the 355.3 range as the weekend approaches.
Surface temperatures are in the 51 to 52 degree range at midday but starting off cooler in the mornings. Water color remains clear across the reservoir as not much rain or wind has stirred things up. In fact, very little rainfall has entered the system the last two weeks.
Crappie anglers are finding activity still holding up well on deep ledges where depths of 17 to 22 feet have given up some decent numbers lately. Anglers are working deep structure with jigs and minnows where the fish are favoring the main lake drop-offs.
There has been some increased activity in midrange stakebeds and brushpiles the last week or so as a few more fish have entered the 10 to 14 foot zone compared to last week at this time.
Popular jig colors have been blue/chartreuse, red/chartreuse, and some white/red variations just to name a few. Live minnows have been working well too as anglers use bottom bumping rigs in the deep water to stalk the submerged structure.
A few bass fishermen are still at it, working both grass beds and some main lake ledges, especially along the river channel. Some finesse baits are paying off as small grubs, Road Runners and some crawfish imitations worked slowly on Carolina rigs have produced.
Spinnerbaits and Rattle Traps are still producing bass from vegetation at times as are crankbaits worked around gravel banks and points. Seems the late fall patterns always have some rock and gravel banks in the playbook here on Kentucky Lake.
Not much coming in from sauger fishermen thus far on the Tennessee River.
With another week of nice fall weather working in favor of fishermen, crappie and bass anglers should be thankful for the conditions as this time of the year things can change quickly. Old Man Winter hasn’t made his presence known just yet but odds are he’s coming sooner or later!

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Geese in Flight
Photo by Murray Blake

These Canadian geese are just beginning their yearly migration south to avoid the long, cold winter. They will return in spring to the welcoming waterways of the Kentucky Lakes Area.