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Archived Fishing Report

Anglers Embrace Warm Spell; Sluggish Fish Should Rebound Soon

Written by Steve McCadams | Originally published 02/17/2011

Kentucky Lake anglers are embracing the warm spell now underway with open arms. What a difference a week can make!
Last week’s frigid temps and piles of snow have vanished, courtesy of a warming trend that is still in progress. Temperatures have been above average the last few days and it appears some warm and sunny days are in the forecast.
Temps climbed into the low 60’s at mid week and really brought a touch of spring fever to the area. Bass and crappie anglers have taken to the water this week as fishing pox is spreading.
Surface temps have slowly warmed this week and are now in the 42 to 44 degree range. Watch for that reading to increase slightly by late this weekend as sunny days influence shallow bays.
Water color has been clear across most of the reservoir despite some runoff from last week’s snow.
Lake levels have been stable the last few days and resting around the winter pool mark.

Elevation at Kentucky Dam is forecasted to be 355 this weekend. Upstream at New Johnsonville Steam Plant area elevation will be in the 354.8 range.
Those readings are down a few inches from last week at this time.
Winter crappie fishermen are hoping the warming trend stimulates the bite from stubborn crappie as action has been slow. Last week's cold snap really cooled things off as surface temps dipped down in the mid 30’s in the main lake with ice forming in backwater areas.
Anglers stalking the main lake ledges and some deeper brushpiles and stakebeds are finding fish quite scattered and reluctant to bite but that should change as the weekend approaches. With consecutive days of above average temperatures fish will likely respond and overall activity should improve.
Most anglers working the 18 to 25 foot depth range this week were reporting low numbers of fish taken. Shallow areas were warming faster than the main lake but had not been productive at midweek.
Anglers should see stakebeds and brush piles in the 12 to 15 foot zone produce some crappie in the days ahead and some fish may move up even more. The warm spell will likely bring more baitfish out of their deep, main lake hideouts and crappie should move right with them sporting a better attitude compared to last week at this time.
Bass anglers are having tough times too. Not many success stories were coming in, a likely scenario as the runoff from snow has trickled cold water into the reservoir and influenced a slow rebound in surface temps.
No doubt the metabolism of bass has been sluggish lately but that should improve this week around gravel and rock points as things heat up.
Both bass and crappie anglers could see a quick turnaround as inactive fish change moods in the days ahead.

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Big Bass
Photo by Brandon Hunter

Nathan Long holds up two nice bass while fishing with guide Brandon Hunter recently on Kentucky Lake.