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Archived Fishing Report

Fine Fall Weather Returns; Anglers On The Rebound

Written by Steve McCadams | Originally published 11/01/2017

Last week was cold and windy. This week mild temps have returned with a several days of 70-degree plus temperatures in the forecast.

Kentucky Lake anglers wasted no time in rebounding back to sunny days on the lake, some of which were sandwiched between an occasional shower but nothing too drastic. Some nice fall days await both bass and crappie anglers as the pumpkin month lost its place on the calendar and the turkey month takes over.

After last week’s series of cold fronts the week got started on a chilly note but moderated by midday Monday. Heavy coats have now been traded for light jackets.

Surface temps this week reflected the cold nights and started off the week at 53 degrees before warming to 55 to 56 by midweek. That’s a drastic drop from last week at this time but anglers can expect temps to climb back to the upper 50’s as the weekend approaches.

Lake levels remain low and have been stable this week. Elevation at Kentucky Dam was staying around the 354.8 range. Upstream at New Johnsonville the reservoir was even lower with reading around the 354.4 range.

Not much rain has fallen and water color remains clear across most of the reservoir.

Crappie fishing improved one the cold fronts passed and annoying northwest winds and gusty west winds faded away and took the whitecaps out of the fishing scene.

Several decent stringers are coming in from the 4 to 8 foot depths with anglers still having to cull a lot of small fish. Some bigger fish had moved up since surface temps cooled however.

The shallow bite has been decent for anglers vertical fishing jigs and jigs tipped with minnows around submerged stakebeds. Popular colors have range from purple/chartreuse to lime, black/chartreuse and some clear skirts sporting sparkle just to name a few.

A few anglers continue to tip jigs with Berkley Power Bait in the white, chartreuse and red with glitter.

Midrange depths have produced too as some boats have focused on the 9 to 11 foot depth range and continued to find fish, although they’ve had to make a lot of stops.

Some deeper venues also produced this week as brushpiles in the 14 to 16 foot zones were holding lots of small fish but producing enough keepers to keep some boaters in the deeper hideouts.

Bass anglers continue to struggle in their efforts to find schooling fish or decent number of bigger fish. Most are targeting main lake flats or flats located back inside big bays. Tossing shallow running crankbaits and swim baits has worked well with some success coming on topwater jerk baits as well.

The fish have been scattered and not necessarily relating to structure, choosing instead to roam freely in pursuit of baitfish moving about flats.

A few boats have found fish in the backs of some bays but the better grade of fish seems to have come from main lake sandbars where anglers are attempting to cover a lot of water with everything from a spinnerbait to shallow running crankbaits.

Low lake levels don’t necessarily offer a lot of visible structure for bass fishermen but some docks and exposed crappie beds are tempting at times.

It will be interesting to see how the talented anglers participating in the Costa FLW Championship now underway on Kentucky Lake fare. Odds are a few nice stringers will be taken.

Looks like the first week of November will deliver some pretty good fishing conditions so take advantage of this nice fall weather while it’s here!

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Photo by Melodie Cunningham

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