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Kentucky Lake Area Events


Where:  LBL - Golden Pond Planetarium - 238 Visitor Center Dr

When:  February 5, 2019 thru February 28, 2019 - Various Times

Contact:  1-800-LBL-7077

If you have ever enjoyed a meteor shower or made a wish upon a "shooting star", you will enjoy this full dome presentation. All aspects of meteor showers are explored in vivid detail. Where meteors come from, what they are made of, past impact evidence, and possible future impact predictions may surprise you. Comets and asteroids are also discussed making this show about anything that could fall on your head! Admission fees apply. For showtimes, call (270) 924-2233.

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Bald Eagle
Photo by Melodie Cunningham

This majestic bald eagle is keeping a close eye on his Kentucky Lake neighborhood. The months of January and February are the best times to catch a glimpse of bald eagles in Land Between The Lakes.