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The Battle of Johnsonville

Union forces, having advanced well into Tennessee by the later stages of the Civil War, completed a railroad across the Tennessee River and constructed a large, important weapons and supply depot in May 1864.

Shortly after the completion of the railroad and the depot, Confederate forces led by Nathan Bedford Forrest destroyed the overmatched defenses installed by the Union army to protect the depot.

The town of Johnsonville sprang up around the railroad, with the location an important river-to-rail transport hub.

Johnsonville thrived for 40 years, but floods on the Tennessee River wreaked havoc, stunting its growth. TVA purchased the town from its residents and flooded most of the old town when Kentucky Lake was created in 1944. New Johnsonville, located south of the former site, sprang up along US 70 and the new railroad bridge.

The Johnsonville State Historic Park Visitor's Center has a wealth of information pertaining to the Battle of Johnsonville and the old town.