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Lakeview Cottages & Marina Features Chainsaw Sculptures

June 19, 2020 | Staff Report

Since taking possession of Lakeview Cottages & Marina in 2012, Dave and Barb Lively have worked diligently to modernize and upgrade the facilities, dating back to the 1960s.

Both Dave and Barb are Air Force veterans and are proud of the strong work ethic they bring to the small “mom-and-pop” cabin and marina business located on the banks of Cypress Creek on southern Kentucky Lake.

A devastating ice storm destroyed part of the marina in March 2014. Dave quickly called the insurance company and banker, got bids for rebuilding the docks, and by Memorial Day had the first new steel section of marina in place and in use.

The storm caused some tree damage as well. Two dead trees located near the shore on the property needed to be taken down. Now Dave likes to stay busy with projects small and large on this six-acre property (he’s not the type to sit still very long!) So, he began to think about alternatives for removing the trees and come up with a rather unique plan.

After receiving the necessary approval from TVA (the Tennessee Valley Authority, which oversees the lake’s shorelines), Dave had the trees topped, leaving the stumps standing at a decent height.

Barb got in touch with professional chainsaw artist Justin Driver and made arrangements to have the tree trunks carved right where they stood. Justin runs Once Upon a Log, a small business that specializes in tree carvings.

Justin worked this past weekend on the tree stumps and spent two days creating beautiful sculptures. The tallest is of a bald eagle perched fittingly on a stump with carvings of other wildlife. A turtle is seen at the base of the sculpture.

The other tree, which is about half the other’s height, features a carving of a beautiful largemouth bass with its mouth wide open – ready and willing to take some bait!

Another log lying down bears a carving of a sign for the resort, creating a charming arrangement of carvings right next to the shore.

Guests can stop by and see Justin’s amazing works of art. It is a great touch for those staying at Lakeview or stopping by the marina for fuel and other services.

Dave and Barb continue to look forward to hosting the variety of people who choose Lakeview Cottages & Marina for their weekend cabin getaways, family reunions, weekday retreats, or days on the lake with boat rentals.

If you’re curious about the resort, Lakeview Cottages & Marina features eight cabins for rent, including four newly renovated or rebuilt units. Their marina offers covered and uncovered slips as well as fuel, boat rentals and other services. You can reach them online at You can also see more photos of the sculptures and videos on their Facebook page.

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