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Mint Springs

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Explored:  April 5, 2002 by Shawn Dunnaway

Update:  This original article and photos below were from 2002.  We went back 10 years later and saw some very big changes.

My grandfather first told me about Mint Springs when I was in my pre-teen years. He took me to this place several years ago, sometime in the 1980s when I was just a boy. I will never forget seeing this site.

Three or four beautiful springs flowing from the hillside forming a brook of crystal clear water and wild mint gave the name "Mint Springs" to the area.

My grandfather and I spent the afternoon there swimming and trying to catch tiny fish with our bare hands. 
Not much has changed in 2002. Located on LBL Road # 235 in the old Fort Henry area, Mint Springs is very secluded and may be hard to reach, depending on the condition of the road.

Many locals know about the springs and frequent them to get fresh water, although we do not recommend drinking the water without testing it (it is tempting!).

The wild mint that grows there smells exactly like peppermint candy. My wife and I picked a couple of small leaves from the plant and sniffed. It contained a very strong yet delightful scent.

Springs and brooks are numerous throughout the Land Between The Lakes. They are just a small part of the natural beauty of the area. LBL has hunting maps that show where springs are located free of charge at the LBL Visitor's Center in Golden Pond.

Cedar Waxwing
Photo by Teresa Gemeinhardt

The Cedar Waxwing is a beautiful bird that is common to The Land Between The Lakes region. You're likely to find them near fruiting trees and shrubs.