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Mammoth Bay

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Explored:  April 4, 2004 by Shawn Dunnaway

This exploration began at the bay by St. Stephen's Church in LBL.  We crossed the bay heading south along the Barkley Lake shoreline.  This was during winter pool; otherwise we could not have crossed the bay on foot and probably couldn't have walked the shoreline. 

We knew we would run into some interesting things, most notably an abandoned Kentucky state highway leading to Mammoth Bay (a.k.a. Mammoth Furnace Bay).  We walked along the shoreline until we began to see remains of pavement in the rocks. 

Kentucky 289 finally started to break away from the bank so we climbed up and continued down the road (erosion of the shoreline is wildly evident in the picture where the road meets the bank).  Along the way we found some amazing fossils, abandoned structures, and eventually Mammoth Bay, where the road gracefully went underwater.

In Flight
Photo by John Mitchell

Gliding gracefully over the water, this heron keeps a stealthy eye out for his next meal. Herons are one of the more common species of birds that can be seen at Kentucky Lake.