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The Homeplace 1850s in LBL

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Explored:  September 27, 2004 by Shawn Dunnaway

The hazy plume of smoke drifting lazily from the smoke house, home made quilts hung out to air on peaceful porches, a man splits wood as a woman kneads bread by a slow-burning fire, a cat wakes from it's nap and meows a welcome.  All these and more greet you as you step through the pages of time at The Homeplace. 

The farm, nestled in Pryor Hollow Tennessee, is composed of 16 log buildings, 14 of which were original and moved from within 10 miles of the Homeplace.  Originally a part of a Revolutionary War land grant, The Homeplace is now a working history farm that educates people about life in the mid-19th century.  The farm produces corn, tobacco, sheep and hogs. Don't be surprised if the men ask you to lend a hand with the walking plow or mending a fence. 

The Homeplace is also one of an association of living history museums around the country that is preserving rare plants and animals.  The historic breeds of domestic animals that live here are considered endangered species. When you visit the farm, you will find it's residents going about the chores that would have to be done daily during this time period. 

This is an experience that truly cannot be missed if you are planning at trip to Land Between The Lakes.  The young and young at heart will enjoy the interaction with the residents and animals of The Homeplace and the opportunity to become a part of living history.

Bald Eagle
Photo by Melodie Cunningham

This majestic bald eagle is keeping a close eye on his Kentucky Lake neighborhood. The months of January and February are the best times to catch a glimpse of bald eagles in Land Between The Lakes.