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Grand Rivers Jetty

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Explored:  August 1, 2003 by Shawn Dunnaway
Updated:  November 8, 2006

Grand Rivers JettyKentucky Governor Paul Patton joined several dozen Grand Rivers residents and city officials for the dedication of the new Grand Rivers Walking Trail & Jetty.  The ceremony took place on August 1, 2003, at the newly constructed/renovated jetty near Lighthouse Landing on the main waters of Kentucky Lake.  The trails runs across the jetty, by the picturesque harbor filled with scores of sailboats, and on to the heart of downtown Grand Rivers where the famous Patti's 1880s Settlement is located and numerous unique shops.

The new walking trail features a covered pavilion at the end of the jetty and restroom facilities on the bank.  The walkway is features a brick-lined, concrete path with early 20th-century lampposts and lighting.  Grand Rivers officials hope in the future that river boats can dock at the jetty for several hours while visitors walk the beautiful trail to downtown Grand Rivers.

Governor Patton, during the dedication ceremony, awarded the City of Grand Rivers another $200,000 for the project.  Grand Rivers Mayor Tom Moodie honored former mayor John Henry O'Bryan for having the vision of the jetty project several years ago.

The walkway is now open for all visitors.  Click the photos below for a larger image.

Update:  In 2006, the new walking trail was extended beyond downtown.  The trail now offers a mile-long hike through a nature area beyond Grand Rivers.

Photo by Murray Blake

This stoic heron is looking at more than just his own reflection. He is looking at the fish that will become his lunch.