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Laurel Furnace & Fall Colors

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Explored:  October 31, 2005 by Shawn Dunnaway

This time of the year is perfect for driving around LBL looking at the beautiful fall colors. It is also a great time to do some hiking.

We were in the general area of Laurel Furnace. While we weren't searching for the remains of Laurel Furnace (I don't think there are any), we were just poking around to see what we could find.

Just off one of the many roads we took (or attempted to take), we found some ruins of a small structure. These are common throughout LBL, but we still hiked about 100 feet into the woods to see what it was.

Bricks. Lots and lots of bricks. What made these bricks unique was that they were all stamped with "L.F.B. W.K.S". We thought that this could mean Laurel Furnace Brick Works, perhaps a business that made bricks way back in the day.  Someone later informed us that they were pretty sure it stood for "Louisville Fire Brick Works".

Photo by John Mahler

If you've never visited The Land Between The Lakes in the fall, you are missing a real treat. Whether you are hiking, fishing, boating or just sight-seeing, fall is one of the most beautiful times to visit the lakes.