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Silo Overlook in LBL

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Explored:  January 6, 2016 by Shawn Dunnaway

Kentucky Lake at Kenlake State ParkIt's not unusual for Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley to rise above their normal levels.  That's part of the reason they exist - to provide flood control on the Ohio and Mississippi rivers.

It is unusual, however, for the lakes to go 13 feet above normal in January.  Typically we see high water every two or three years in the spring.  But it is rare for it to happen in the dead of winter.

Kentucky Lake peaked on January 6, 2016 at 367.10' with Lake Barkley a tad higher at 367.15'.  In Kentucky Lake's 72-year history, it is the highest the lake had been in the month of January.

We've got a short video montage of footage we shot around Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley posted below.  Photos are below the video.

Water was just a few inches away from the gazebo at Kenlake State Park.

A tiny island of grass remained uncovered near the gazebo at Kenlake.

The old beach area at Kenlake looking west.

Some equipment was in the water at Fenton in Land Between The Lakes.

Lake Barkley's waters over the road on Old Canton Road in Canton.

Hematite Lake area at Land Between The Lakes.

Hematite Lake entrance was cut off due to flood waters from Lake Barkley.

The parking area in front of Lighthouse Landing in Grand Rivers.

A zoom-in shot of the above photo.

Parts of Kuttawa Recreational Area were under water.

Another shot of Lake Barkley's waters encroaching the Kuttawa Recreation Area.

The road leading up the hill at Kuttawa Recreational Area was partially covered.

Eagle Eye View
Photo by Ray Stainfield

This eagle has "puffed up" his feathers to appear more threatening. He hopes to intimidate a nearby enemy.