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Eggners Ferry Bridge Collapse

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NOTE:  This page is for archive purposes only.  The bridge is now open.

(January 27, 2012) - With a portion of the Eggner's Ferry Bridge (US 68/KY 80) collapsed and closed indefinitely, people will have to find alternate routes across Kentucky Lake.

There are three other crossings to consider when planning alternate routes.  Interstate 24 just north of Grand Rivers, US 62/US 641 at Kentucky Dam and US 79 at Paris Landing, Tennessee.  Depending on your destination, either the southern detour through Dover, Paris Landing and Murray or the northern detour using I-24, the Purchase Parkway and US 68 west of Kentucky Lake will be your best bets.  Below is map outlining the possible detours for crossing Kentucky Lake. 

 These detours are unofficial and not sanctioned by any governing body.

Photo by Susan Eizenga

If you are visiting Land Between The Lakes after dark, you are sure to hear the hoots of one of the many species of owls that can be found in this region.