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Dover, Tennessee Profile

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Dover, Tennessee Area Profile

Including Fort Donelson, Bumpus Mills & Cumberland City

Our Dover, Tennessee Area section of ExploreKentuckyLake.com covers the city of Dover, Fort Donelson, Bumpus Mills and Cumberland City, which is generally located in northern Stewart County, Tennessee.

Dover is a town of about 1,434 people and located directly on Lake Barkley, and about six miles from the southern entrance of Land Between The Lakes. 

Also included in the Dover Area is Fort Donelson National Battlefield and Cemetery which is the location of a major Union victory during the Civil War.  Cumberland City, home of the TVA Cumberland Power Plant, is also a part of the Dover Area and is located on the Cumberland River in extreme southeastern Stewart County at the intersection of Tennessee 149 and Tennessee 233.  The community of Bumpus Mills is also included in the Dover Area. 

A Closer Look at Stewart County, Tennessee


US Highway 79 is the major highway in Dover and is a major artery though Tennessee.  US Highway 79 North provides Dover a connection with Clarksville and points northward to Russellville, KY.   US Highway 79 South, the other end of the highway, is two lanes once you get out of Dover. US 79 South offers a third lane for trucks on steep grades in the western part of the county.  US 79 South connects Dover with Paris, Memphis, and eventually ends in Round Rock, Texas.


Stewart County, Tennessee is home to approximately 13,324 residents. The largest city and county seat is Dover.  Cumberland City is the second largest community in Stewart county with 311 residents.  The unincorporated city of Bumpus Mills can also be found in Stewart county. 

Education & Healthcare

The Stewart County Schools are growing!  Evidence of growth is seen by two new schools in Stewart County.  The Dover Elementary School was ready for classes in 1997 while the new, state-of-the-art Stewart County High School opened up in early 2001.  Stewart County High School is an accredited two-path high school offering a variety of college prep and vocational classes.  The school system boasts an enrollment of over 2000 children in grades K-12.  The three Stewart County schools are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Stewart County has community medical centers located throughout Dover. These include Gateway Medical Clinic and Stewart County Medical Center.  Some of the medical centers are equipped with x-ray technology, minor laser surgery, and family medical care.   


The town of Dover, Tennessee, is governed by a major, vice-mayor, and four aldermen.  The Dover City Council meets every second Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at the Dover City Hall.  Cumberland City, Tennessee is Stewart County's only other incorporated city.  Cumberland City is governed by a mayor and four aldermen.  The Cumberland City Council meets on the first Thursday of each month at 5:00 p.m.  

The Stewart County government is headed by an executive and 14 county commissioners in seven districts.  The Stewart County Courthouse houses the executive, the county clerk, county offices, and others.  The courthouse is located in the heart of Dover on U.S. Highway 79, right before the Cumberland River bridge.  

Churches in Stewart County

There are numerous churches throughout Stewart County.  You'll find Baptist, Church of Christ, Methodist, Presbyterian and many others.  View a complete listing of Stewart County Churches.

Cedar Waxwing
Photo by Teresa Gemeinhardt

The Cedar Waxwing is a beautiful bird that is common to The Land Between The Lakes region. You're likely to find them near fruiting trees and shrubs.