Hunting in the Kentucky Lakes Area

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Kentucky Hunting Seasons

kentucky lake deer hunting2014-15 Kentucky Hunting Season Dates

Note:  The following dates are for Kentucky's Zone 1 only.  Zone 1 includes all the counties surrounding Kentucky Lake/Lake Barkley to the Mississippi River, as well as Crittenden, Caldwell and Christian counties.

Kentucky's Zone 1 Deer Hunting Season

Modern Gun:  November 8-23, 2014 (either sex)
Archery:  September 6, 2014 through January 19, 2015  (either sex)
Crossbow:  October 1-19, 2014 and November 8 through December 31, 2014 (either sex)
Muzzleloader:  October 18-19, 2014 and December 13-21, 2014  (either sex)
Youth-Only Firearms:  October 11-12, 2014 (either sex)
Free Youth Weekend*:  December 27-28, 2014 (either sex) 

* During the Free Youth Deer Hunting Weekend, hunters age 15 and under may hunt deer with a firearm without a license of deer permit, but must be accompanied by an adult.

Zone 1 Restrictions

  • A hunter may take an unlimited number of antlerless deer. Two (2) deer may be taken using the statewide deer permit and an unlimited number of antlerless deer may be taken using Additional Deer Permits.
  • A hunter is limited to one (1) deer with visible antlers (excluding button bucks) per license year statewide.
  • Hunters shall abide by the equipment restrictions in place for each season. 

Kentucky's Statewide Turkey Hunting Season

Spring Turkey Season, Youth Only:  April 5-6, 2014
Spring Turkey Season:
 April 12 through May 4, 2014

Fall/Winter Shotgun:  October 25 - October 31, 2014 and December 6-12, 2014
Fall/Winter Archery:  September 6, 2014 through January 19, 2015
Fall/Winter Crossbow:  October 1-19, 2014 and November 8 through December 31, 2014

For more information about small game or other questions about hunting in Kentucky, visit the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources. 

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