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Kentucky Lake, Lake Barkley, LBL Photo Gallery

The links below are photos taken by, unless otherwise stated.  To see spectacular wildlife photos of the Kentucky Lake Area, see Marty Colburn's website.


March 2014 Snow/Sleet Storm
A late-season snowstorm drops five inches of snow/sleet at Kentucky Lake.
Kentucky Lake March 3, 2014 10 photos
Elk & Bison Prairie at LBL near Sunset
We get up close and personal with the elk and bison in LBL.
Land Between The Lakes May 1, 2013 7 photos
Kentucky Lake Reaches 363.9'
Photos from around the Kentucky Lake and Kentucky Dam area (tail waters 325.8')
Kentucky Lake May 1, 2013 8 photos
Snow at Malcolm Creek on Kentucky Lake
A winter storm brought several inches of snow to Kylake area.
Kentucky Lake February 9, 2010 5 photos
Snow at Kenlake
A winter storm brought several inches of snow to Kylake area.
Kentucky Lake January 30, 2010 3 Photos
Frozen Kentucky Lake
See Kentucky Lake frozen over... and just how thick the ice got!
Kentucky Lake January 10, 2010 3 Photos
Kentucky Dam from the New Bridge
Four photos from the new US 62/US 641 bridge at the dam
Kentucky Dam December 22, 2009 4 Photos
Hematite Lake
All photos taken within the last couple years by Anthony Gamboa.
KY Lake / LBL March 27, 2009 4 Photos
5" Snowfall at Kentucky Lake
It's been a while since we've had a good snowfall.
KY Lake / LBL March 8, 2008 7 Photos
Sunrises & Sunsets Across the Lakes
Timeless photos of the lakes from the past several years
KY Lake / Barkley 2002-2008 18 Photos
Fall Colors at Grand Rivers & LBL
Duncan Lake & The Elk & Bison Prairie featured as well as Grand Rivers
Grand Rivers / LBL October 28, 2006 13 Photos
Delta Queen on the Cumberland
A visitor of ours shares his photo of the Delta Queen at Fort Donelson
Fort Donelson Summer 2003 1 Photo
LBL's Hematite Lake Area Wildlife Photos
A day in LBL nets photos of deer, groundhogs, birds, and more.
LBL August 15, 2002 6 Photos
Christmas at Grand Rivers
See Grand Rivers at its finest... all decked out for the holidays.
Grand Rivers December 2, 2002 11 Photos
Hunter's Moon Festival
Annual festival in Grand Rivers, KY
Grand Rivers October 14, 2006 4 Photos
4" of Snow Blankets Kentucky Lake
Snow photos from the Kenlake area of Kentucky Lake
Kentucky Lake January 16, 2003 9 Photos
Major Snow & Ice Storm Blankets Kentucky Lake
Amazing winter photos from a winter storm at Ky Lake
Kentucky Lake December 4, 2002 15 Photos


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Kentucky Lake, Lake Barkley, and Land Between The Lakes offer a unique vacation experience for everyone! Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley collectively is the largest body of water between the Great Lakes and the Gulf of Mexico. Here you can enjoy fishing, boating, hunting, eating at great restaurants, and experiencing the numerous attractions of the Land Between The Lakes. The region is located just eight hours from Chicago, three hours from St. Louis and six hours west of the Smoky Mountains.