Explorations of the Kentucky Lake Area

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Kentucky Lake Area Explorations

 Kentucky Lake Cabins
Places Explored...

"Hotel California" 09/28/2013
Mint Springs Revisited 06/09/2012
Ghost Stories & The Paranormal of LBL 10/25/2010
"Vampire Hotel" October 2009
Silo Overlook 11/01/2008
Energy Lake / Submerged Bridge 10/11/2008
Prior Creek / Abandoned Bridge 08/02/2008
Long Creek National Recreation Trail 05/05/2007
Devil's Pulpit 03/03/2007
The Bear Spring Furnace 10/12/2006
Irish Cemetery at Bass Bay 11/07/2005
Laurel Furnace at Prior Bay 10/31/2005
Fall Colors 10/31/2005
Homestead Hunting 06/10/2005
Confederate Cemetery 10/04/2004
Backcountry Camping 06/05/2004
The Homeplace 09/27/2004
Mammoth Bay on Lake Barkley 04/04/2004
Turkey Bay OHV Area in LBL 12/22/2003
Grand Rivers Walking Trail & Jetty Dedication 08/01/2003
Moss Creek Day Use Area 06/14/2003
Center Furnace 04/12/2003
St. Stephen Church 04/04/2003
Fort Donelson 03/08/2003
Great Western Furnace 03/08/2003
Fort Heiman 03/08/2003
Hematite Lake 01/16/2003
The Nature Station in the Land Between The Lakes 08/15/2002
The Half-Missing Railroad Bridge  05/22/2002
Mint Springs - Stewart County, LBL 04/05/2002
Kentucky Dam 04/04/2002
The Big Building in Kentucky Lake 04/04/2002

Events Explored...

Hunters Moon Festival 10/8/2010
Nina & Pinta in Grand Rivers 9/5/2010
Wild Weather at Kentucky Lake Coming soon
Grand Rivers Marina Day 08/14/2010
Historic Kentucky/Barkley Flooding - 369.0' 05/17/2010
WalMart FLW Tour in Murray, KY 06/14/2009
BassMaster Elite Series in Paris, TN 06/06/2009
Ham Festival in Cadiz, KY 2007
Aurora Country Festival near Kenlake State Park Fall 2004
Freedom Fest in Murray, KY Summer 2004 2003
Trigg County Ham Festival Fall 2002
Hazel Celebration Fall 2002
Hot August Blues Festival Summer 2002
Kentucky Lake reaches 6.4 feet over summer pool 05/30/2002
Festival Con Dios 05/25/2002
The 159th Tater Day - Photos 04/01/2002

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Pure, crystal clear springs.  Underwater cities.  The celebration of fish, potatoes and ham.  Sunsets of a million colors.  Tombstones, bridges and buildings in the middle of one of the world's largest man-made reservoirs.  Nothing compares to Kentucky Lake.

Constantly searching, we are bringing you photos and narrations from our journeys throughout the Kentucky Lakes Area.  From Kuttawa to Dover, from Kentucky Dam to Paris Landing, we cover a vast trail of unique experiences just waiting to be explored... in Explorations.

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Kentucky Lake, Lake Barkley, and Land Between The Lakes offer a unique vacation experience for everyone! Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley collectively is the largest body of water between the Great Lakes and the Gulf of Mexico. Here you can enjoy fishing, boating, hunting, eating at great restaurants, and experiencing the numerous attractions of the Land Between The Lakes. The region is located just eight hours from Chicago, three hours from St. Louis and six hours west of the Smoky Mountains.